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When my old and favorite Kenmore dryer stopped heating up , it was a disaster for me! All of my clothes were wet, not neat and crumpled; they had musty smell, I had to waste time for ironing, put on a heater to reduce air humidity and prevent condensation. After some days of the headache I asked my neighbor for an advice. She told me about her good experience with these guys. I have made a call and a repairman arrived on Saturday and replaced the heating element. It’s really convenient because I work till late at night 5 days a week. The service took not more than an hour, the bill was not large. Now everything is ok. Thanks a lot! It’s a great relief.

Clarke Ave, NYC

My dishwasher suddenly began leaking. What an awful flood I had! I have surfed the Net just for a minute and found the experts. My call was received at once and emergency was taken into account. So in two hours the problem was solved, the floor was dry and clean and I had got no claims from my neighbors. It was a life-saving option for me! I even don’t know what what was done to fix it. But I recommend Staten Island Appliance Repair Service to everybody. Well done, guys!


I know these people because their office is nearby. When my washing machine made noise and tore linen, I have made an order and had positive experience. Good service!


My washer decided to “die” a few weeks ago so I did what any millennial would do – do a Google search for appliance repair companies to see if they could fix my old but beloved washer. I found these guys, read their reviews and decided to give it a shot. Great decision, if I do say so myself! They did an amazing job and resurrected my washer! The guys from Appliance Repair Expert Repair are amazing! Don’t hesitate to call them when you need appliance repair! Two thumbs up!


My favorite GE refrigerator stopped working. I contacted the company with which I have previously worked. And which left me very impressed. As before, the master did not take long. Cause of the fault was in the control board. They
replaced control board. Appliance Repair Expert always have quality repair service, great attitudes, and back up their warranty.
A class act business!


I was having problems with my washing machine – it was making funny noises so I called these guys from Appliance Repair Expert Repair and they pretty much diagnosed the problem through the phone. When they came a few days later to repair the machine, they arrived on time, worked efficiently, and fixed the problem in record time. Great job!


My GE refrigerator wasn’t cooling as well as it used to and I was dreading the idea of having to replace the machine. I called these guys and they were able to fix my fridge’s problem by replacing a part. Whew! These guys saved me a lot of money – anywhere between $1,000 – $2,500! Thanks guys!


My 4-burner gas stove was acting up – 2 out of 4 of the burners wouldn’t work so I called these guys to have it repaired. When they arrived, they were very honest and informative about the problem and what needed to be done. My gas stove was repaired in an hour and it now works like new! I have nothing but good things to say about these guys!

Joan McBain

The guys from Appliance Repair responded quickly to my inquiry regarding my GE Electric Dryer. They asked the right questions to get as much information as possible before coming to my house so they cold fix the problem. Polite and very helpful, these guys are amazing!

Jessica BYRUCH

My Sumsung dryer won’t start. I called the company, which is in Staten Island. Specialists have come to my house.
They replaced the motor of my Sumsung dryer. Now it works perfectly. They gave excellent advice to keep my appliances working. Service price was quite low for such a complex repair.
I recommend them to anybody who has home appliances.

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