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Gas or Electric Stove Repair

stoveA defective gas or electric stove can make cooking of delicious and couponhealthy meals impossible. The food can be undercooked or overdone because of the faulty burner or not tightly closed oven door.

Additionally, a faulty stove is a source of increased danger for the family members and the people from next door. Gas leakage or sparkling can cause fire or an explosion thus is must be eliminated immediately.

Our professional and licensed technicians are responsible and aware about the subsequences of these troubles. They will come to fix the breakage promptly without imposing any extra fee.

Any call will be taken with all possible care and a preliminary diagnostics will be made. All of the minor details matter: the oven brand, model and production year, the essence of the matter, the signs of defects, the possible reasons and apprehensions. The immediate action to be taken is to block the gas supply. It is essential for safety guaranteeing. The detailed description will also help the technician to schedule the visit to the nearest date and bring along all of the suitable tools, materials and parts.

But the problems can be also minor and easily fixable. The most probable of them are related to inadequate heating; insufficient, absent, uneven or excessive. The temperatures can be inaccurate and the desirable switching might be complicated. It is often attributed to tear and wear of:

– the knobs;
– the burner heads and caps;
– the sealing gaskets and door screens.

If these parts and their replacement are not expensive, the repair cost will be minimal and low. Staten Island Appliance Repair is an honest and customer-oriented services provider and we will bill you only for the real repair expenses.

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