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Refrigerator repair

Refrigerator without shelves ready for repair

Fridge, or refrigerator is a device that operates 24 hours a day, without any breaks or holidays. If it is faulty, it is not so harmless , but rather even dangerous, and requires immediate repair. The possible after-effects of the refrigerator fault can include large water accumulation and leakage, food stuff and meal spoilage and even fire.

The most common signs of a fault in a modern refrigerator:

  • refrigerator cycles, or starts and stops, too frequently;
  • water leakage from the refrigerator;
  • ice maker does not produce ice;
  • refrigerator started making strange noises or just became too noisy;
  • significant ice buildup in the freezer;
  • the body of the refrigerator is too warm;
  • you believe that the electricity bill has increased because of the refrigerator

There can be such less common signs of the refrigerator faults as well:

  • the temperature is not cold enough even at minimum level of the temperature controller;
  • the fridge smells like it is burning ;
  • the light is always off or on;
  • any particular section is warm while other are cold;
  • it is not possible to close the door;
  • the tray is full of water.

    It can be not effective or even dangerous if you try to fix these breakdowns by yourself. You can damage it completely or even get an electric shock. Just call for the assistance and the problem will be solved ASAP. Our coordinated Staten Island based team work efficiently, fulfilling the orders accurately and on-time. Our experienced professionals regularly visit the refrigerator manufacturers’ plants and are familiar with all of their repair protocols and inventions.

  We have repaired hundreds of Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Kenmore, Sub-Zero, LG, Samsung and refrigerators of all other major brands for Staten Island residents and can find out exactly what is broken.

We can finf a solution to the problem immediately and bring back to live standard or large size appliances by replacing:

  1. door insulation strip
  2. fan motor
  3. thermostat
  4. control knobs
  5. compressor
  6. start relay

couponThe problem can be simple and trivial such as freon leak. It can be refilled and the fridge will operate without a failure for some more years. Certified and experienced professionals of Staten Island Appliance Repair always know the reason. We will arrive even the very same day, even in the late evening or on the weekend and fix the fridge at the most affordable price.

There are no hidden fees and extra charges while professional approach and quality service is guaranteed. Just call us at 646-204-3526 to get started.

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