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Refrigerator is broken: to look for a new one or get it repaired

Refrigerator is broken: to look for a new one or get it repaired

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Malfunction is not an indicator of low quality of the refrigerator and professional repair can solve the problem completely. Some parts of the equipment may get worn out in time and they are being easily replaced by qualified repairmen, we’ve never had any problems to order original spare parts for our customers in Staten Island.

In most cases damage doesn’t mean serious problem and there is no necessity for homeowner to look for a new refrigerator. When appliance is qualitative its general service term is quite long.

Call us if your fridge malfunctions, our refrigerator repair service guarantees that the problem will be solved completely and as quickly as possible.

Major brand’s refrigerator may serve about 15-20 years and minor faults don’t decrease this term. Replacement parts have been usually serving for 5-10 years and after repair ypu can consider the term is being reset. There is a difference though in price and quality of modern refrigerators and it’s up to you whether you choose a refrigerator from a luxury segment, such as:

  • Sub-Zero,
  • Miele,
  • Thermador,
  • some expensive models of KitchenAid brand,

or more conventional ones, like Frigidair, Hotpoint, Samsung etc. For example, refrigerating equipment that produced by brand Hotpoint has proven effective and not expensive on the world market. Those appliances are convenient in using and rather qualitative. Hotpoint refrigerator repair is demanded more often than high-end refrigerating equipment but at the same time its cost is quite lower. So choosing this equipment for apartment or private house is reasonable decision.

The most important parts of a fridge including engine, refrigerating agent circulation system, etc. and in most cases they work for years witout problems. So, follow a manufacturer’s manuals and your fridge will work fine for long time. But if a trouble in the form of breakage happens – just call us and we’ll take care of it.

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