Oven repair

ovenFaulty oven can make great inconvenience and even hazard. Delicious pie baking and food cooking couponwill be complicated while gas leaking is also a significant risk. Therefore, just let us know about your problems and our skilled professionals will solve them in a minutes. Having more than 20 years of customer assistance, Staten Island Appliance Repair Company provides fast response, top-quality and reliable services at competitive prices.

Our punctual, accurate and qualified technicians are able to eliminate any breakdown, including:

– inoperative burners;
– uneven heating;
– broken door;
– inaccurate temperature.
The ovens might require door gasket, heating element, igniter, glass panel or pilot light replacement. We will do these work promptly and at low cost, because we have got various items of all basic brands in stock. We cooperate with all oven manufacturers such as Kenmore, Whirlpool, GE, Maytag, Electrolux and many others. All of the consumables are supplied directly from the factories; that’s why they are high-grade, original, always available and not expensive. Due to the cooperation our technicians are also well informed about all of the innovations and newest modifications of the appliance structures and designs; they continuously improve their knowledge and skills.

So make an appointment right now and your oven will be fixed promptly at affordable rate. Diagnosis is free (with completed repair), there are no hidden or urgency fees. Our prices are honest, transparent and reasonable while our service is professional and dependable.

Contact us and schedule an appointment for your oven to be fixed.

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