3-door Samsung fridge with great features

Nice looking Samsung fridge with great features! This 3-Door refrigerator is huge! I love the neat look of it. The only thing on the front is the water/ice dispenser and it doesn’t have any extra buttons or notifications on it. The best part is how much room there is inside. Our last fridge was the same size but I always had a hard time finding room for all of our groceries. That isn’t a problem anymore, I can fit everything with room to spare. The stainless steel really is fingerprint resistant so it always looks good. I think it is because a lot of thought went into the design and layout of the inside. Also the shelves can be moved around, slid in half or flipped up to make sure that everything fits. The ice maker takes up minimal space while still making more ice than we need. I don’t have to worry about anyone accidently changing the temperature settings which has happened with other fridges. I like that all the controls are on the inside of the fridge and that they automatically lock. At first we thought it was cool because we would always have water ready to bring to the table for meals. Then we saw that we could add fresh lemons (or whatever we were in the mood for) for flavored water. One of my family’s favorite features is the AutoFill water pitcher. That has become a favorite in our house, hope it won’t need repair soon enough with all these electronics in it! What really made it great was when I saw in the manual that we could use it to make cold brew iced tea. I like that I can change the temperature for that drawer depending on if I’m storing wine, deli items or beverages. The freezer has also been great. We also get a lot of use out of the CoolSelect Pantry. It’s setup to make it easy to organize items and I find that nothing is getting lost in there. That was a big problem I’ve had with bottom freezers in the past. I’m really happy that we chose this Samsung refrigerator and I highly recommend it!


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