My dryer is not tumbling. Can you advise me what’s up?

It depends on the case. Check if the device is on, start buttons and connections. Make sure that the door is closed. If the appliance does not start, professional diagnosis is necessary.

How can I estimate if my gas stove is worth repairing or if i should buy a new one?

After a full diagnostic check we will be able to estimate the repair cost. If the broken appliance is not repairable, you will be charged only the minimal diagnostic cost.

Do I need to bring my broken fridge to you?

No, a technician will come to your house to fix it.

If spare parts will be necessary, how much time could it take to get them?

Usually, we replace them within same day. If the parts are special and need to be ordered, we will estimate the cost and the time of the repair.

How fast  a technician will arrive?

Usually we try to offer the same day appointments.

Can you postpone an appointment in case of urgency?

We understand that unforeseen circumstances might happen. Just contact us to discuss the change.

What kinds of appliances do you repair?

We deal with all major appliances types and brands.

Shall I make a prepayment for the service and the parts?

Usually not. You will be charged after the work fulfillment. Only if some rare spare parts are to be ordered from the factory, we ask the customer to give a small deposit for the item and the delivery cost.

Do you buy old appliances?

No, we only repair them.

Can you recommend what to do if my washer machine is shaking?

Before the professional diagnosis we can suggest you to check if the unit is  leveled and not to overload the machine. If the problem remains, call us and make an appointment.

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