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Electric and Gas Dryer Repair

Broken electric dryer disassembledDryer is the most useful device for any household. It speeds up moisturecoupon removal, handles clothes with care, keeps them clean and unrumpled. Thus when it malfunctions, it’s a great inconvenience. While gas dryers also put the family and property at risk. Therefore the tumble dryers are to be installed correctly and regularly maintained. Staten Island Appliance Repair is licensed for installing of all types and brands of major appliances and performs it professionally, accurately and with safety guarantee.

In addition, the dryer should not be overloaded, overheat or filled with bulky items. From time to time you have to check if:

– the power is on;
– the door is closed;
– the timer is ok;
– the filter is clean and unclogged;
– the air duct is intact.

The lint filter is to be cleaned after every load; exhaust hose is also need to be cleaned. Our professional technicians can perform these work for you accurately and at affordable price. Staten Island Appliance Repair specialists also eliminate all of the other dryer operation problems, such as:

– making ominous noise;
– overheating;
– clothing tearing or leaving wet;
– smelling bad.

If you notice any malfunctions, gas is leaking or the appliance does not tumble properly, call us right now. Our skilled and experienced technicians will eliminate inconvenience and hazard promptly and accurately. The reason of the breakdown might be in faulty belt, start capacitor, blower wheels, heating elements – our professionals will know it for sure in 5 minutes after their arrival.

Just call your dependable Staten Island Appliance Repair technicians at 646-204-3526 and get professional, timely and experienced support. Free diagnosis service is granted (with completed repair).