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Dishwasher repair

DishwasherDishwashers are the great helper in the kitchen and many housekeeperscoupon or housewives can be lost without this essential and customary device.

A flood can happen and damage your property such as floor covering, walls, furniture and countertops and even the property of your neighbors.

Therefore, our friendly and competent staff is especially attentive to the cases. Upon your call you will be closely asked about the:

– situation;
– possible reasons of the breakdown;
– the visible problems;
– water filling system condition.

Staten Island Appliance Repair respects your property and time and the professional equipped with all necessary spare parts and tools will arrive promptly without charging extra cost for the urgency.

Some of the problems can be eliminated at once just following the technician advices. You can turn off the taps, fix the drain, eliminate the clog or just use delicate and recommended by the manufacturer dishwasher detergents. But the best option is to wait some time for the repair technician arrival. We will detect the breakage or trouble and eliminate it by replacing:

– water pump;
– motor impeller;
– filter;
– water valve;
– temperature sensor;

Our technician will diagnose and repair the appliance at once, so there is no need for the house owners to go into details. All of the surrounding surfaces will also kept clean, dry and neat. And the repair and the spare part cost will be minimized following the customer needs and requirements.

Just give us a call and you will get the best top-quality service at a really great price!