Sub-zero refrigerator damages and what to do

Brand Sub-Zero is regarded as respected producer of refrigerating appliance. It was founded in 1940 and become one of the best in this segment. All technique is categorized by premium class so in case of strictly following rules fridges will have been serving for a long time. But still damages are possible.

Sub-Zero refrigerator repair can be demanded in the following cases:

  1.      violation of operating rules;

A lot of people use fridges differently as producer indicates. They place the equipment near heating appliances; put hot food inside, etc. Therefore plenty of problems may appear.

  1.      voltage surge;

Some models have protection against voltage surge but this factor is still dangerous because may cause engine fallout. Such repair is rather expensive.

  1.      ending of details serving term.

Besides, after 4-5 years of operation fridges need replacement of some components: temperature regulator, electronic module.

Remember that refrigerator of such highly technologic equipment must be provided only by qualified and well-experienced specialists who use only original replacement parts and give warranty for the service completed.


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