Stove repair

Such appliance as stove is included in basic equipment of every kitchen. Nowadays plenty models of stoves are proposed and they have various useful functions that simplify the process of cooking. Stove damages can be regarded as real catastrophe for house waves but don’t panic because almost all problems can be solved by professionals.

Stove repair is not a complicated process. Moreover, sometimes it can be provided by own efforts.

The most spread damages of stoves are the following:

  1.      A burner goes out or doesn’t inflame (the problem can be solved simply – it is necessary to clean burner tubes).
  2.      Electronic ignition doesn’t function (primarily test either line voltage is appropriate; quite often ignition unit must be replaced).
  3.      Gas odor appears (turn off gas tap and immediately apply specialists for solving the problem).

Our company proposes quickly and qualified repair of your stove. We identify the problem, select necessary replacement parts (only original) and restore your equipment. In most cases repair is provided at home. We guarantee the highest quality of the provided services.



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