Refrigerator repairs

Refrigerator is an integral part of a kitchen in both flats and private houses. Modern market proposes plenty of different models with various functions so there is no problem to select the best one. At the same time your equipment may cease to operate appropriately due to different reasons. In such case timely professional repair is demanded.

Problems may appear because of violation of operation rules, outer factors or due to excessive wear of some parts of the appliance.

Remember that in most cases appropriate repair completely restores functionality of the appliance. Therefore it is necessary to apply specialists if some problems with fridge operation are mentioned.

The most spread problems with refrigerator are the following:

  1.      temperature controller failure (temperature inside fridge can’t be changed);
  2.      refrigerator ceased to freeze;
  3.      the door can’t be closed firmly;
  4.      motor-compressor failure;
  5.      absence of lightning inside refrigerator.

In most cases our specialists replace some complimentary parts and the fridge continues functioning appropriately as a new one.

We propose refrigerator repairs in the most shorten terms (as possible) by well-experienced and highly qualified repairmen.

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