Refrigerant leak: reasons of the problem, dangers and ways of its solving

One of the most frequent problems that leads to Refrigerant leaks necessity is refrigerant leak. When you select qualitative equipment produced by well-known brands and use it according to the producer’s recommendations, possibility of such damage is excluded but statics sais that such problem is one of the most frequent reasons of service centers applying.

Freon (refrigerant) is circulating in special pipes and provides refrigeration in fridge compartments. When those pipes are damaged mechanically freon is leaking and you may notice temperature increasing or engine work without pauses. This problem is rather dangerous because may lead to engine failure.

In order to solve the problem apply qualified and experienced specialists from respected companies that have appropriate license for such service providing and give warranty. They repair the system of freon circulation primarily and then top up it with refrigerant.

In most cases such damage demands fridge transporting to the workroom.

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