Recommendations that must be followed in order to enlarge serving term of General Electric fridges

Well-known American brand General Electric is popular on the world market because of the highest quality of its production. Refrigerating equipment is one of the dominating branches of this brand. Fridges produced by General Electric are of great demand throughout the world but they will have been functioning appropriately only in case of strictly following operation rules worked out by producers.

Such recommendations are the following:

  1.      Use voltage stabilizer for protecting the equipment from surges that may happen both in apartments and houses.
  2.      Try not to place the appliance near heating equipment.
  3.      Don’t put inside a fridge hot food, materials that contain acids or alkalis.
  4.      It is not recommended to place a fridge in apartment with high humidity (over 80%).
  5.      From time to time cleaning is demanded, both inside and outside.

But nevertheless damages may be caused by several components failure. Their serving term is much shorter than a fridge has so in course of time replacement will be demanded. Apply professional repairmen who use original parts and have much experience in this sphere. They will provide General Electric refrigerator repair as quickly and effectively as possible.


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