Reasons of Maytag fridges damages and ways of their repairing

Brand Maytag is well-known from the XIX century as a producer of agricultural equipment. Since 1946 this company started to produce refrigerating equipment and became one of the most famous brands on the US market. In 2006 the company was included into Whirlpool corporations.

Maytag fridges are of best quality and are characterized also by exclusive design but still Maytag refrigerator repair  is possible after several years of operating because some details need replacement every 4-5 years.

The following details demand replacement the most frequently:

  1.      sealing rubber replacement;

After some 2-3 years of using sealing rubber loses its characteristics and needs replacement. Otherwise more serious problems are possible.

  1.      temperature controller failure;

If you change temperature regimes inside a fridge often, temperature controller will need replacement after 1-2 years.

  1.      refrigerant leak.

Such problem is being caused due to violation of the operating rules – refrigerant may get out of system because of mechanical damages of the system.


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