Providing of washer repair by qualified specialists

Damages of washer machines are dangerous because of several reasons. On the one hand housewives are losing equipment that helps them to make clothes and linen clean and on the other hand such problem may cause flooding neighbours. Unfortunately one can’t predict when the appliance would be broken but indicators may be mentioned earlier.

Quite often housewives are noticing that their washing machines began functioning inappropriately (unusual noise or vibration appeared) but don’t take this factors into account while timely repair helps to avoid more serious damages.

The most spread damages of washer machines are the following:

  1.      Water is not being heated (the most spread reason is temperature heating element failure – replacement is demanded).
  2.      The equipment doesn’t drain water (drain pump should be cleaned or replaced).
  3.      Appearing of unusual noise or vibration (bearing parts fallout or inappropriate installation of the equipment).

Our company proposes certified washer repair. Only qualified and well-experienced specialists are working in our service center. They use only original replacement parts dealing with producers directly.

When something wrong with your appliance is mentioned don’t waste time and apply our repairmen. We will restore the equipment completely in the most possible shortest terms.



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