Professional washer and dryer repair at reasonable prices

electrolux washerWasher and dryer are absolutely necessary in our everyday life, it’s just an obvious fact. Washer and dryer machines are proposed nowadays in wide assortment and they have become very intelligent and computerized all the way. Despite the water quality in Staten Island is pretty good, hot water and air, spinning, vibration, detergents – this is why these machines won’t last forever and in course of time damages of the appliance are possible. They may be caused by different factors even in case of strict following operation manual by the consumer.

At the same time any damage should be regarded as an ordinary natural process that is being corrected by professional repair. When well-experienced and qualified specialists that work in our company provide replacement of some parts or other manipulations with the appliance, complete restoration is more than possible.

The most spread problems with washers and dryers are the following:

Our professionals guarantee qualified washer dryer repair in the most possible shortest terms.


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