LG fridges and their repair

Refrigerating equipment LG is of great demand on the world market because it has wide functionality, elegant design and reasonable price. As to the quality it is also quite well but nevertheless LG refrigerator repair can be demanded from time to time. Mostly, due to the violation of operation rules.

During the first years of using damages are rather rare but in course of time several details need replacement because of limited serving term.

The most spread problems with such equipment are:

  1.      refrigerant leak (This problem is mostly caused by damaging of the refrigerating system pipes where refrigerant is circulating);
  2.      electronics failure (Such damage is usually the consequence of voltage surge);
  3.      engine failure (LG gives 10-years warranty for the engine so such problem can be excluded if you are using the equipment according to producer’s recommendations).

Remember that repair of your fridge should be obligatory provided by well-experienced specialists who work in respected service centres. Only in this case complete restoration of the functionality is possible.


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