Refrigerator is one of the most necessary elements of kitchen. This part of apartment cannot be imagined without this appliance. In case of following operation rules service term of refrigerator is quite long but damages may be cause by various reasons. 

The most often fridge damages are:

  1.      thermocontroller failure;

When air-compressor ceased to function but indicator light is on thermocontroller replacement is needed. Such damage can be repaired at home.

  1.      air-compressor failure;

This problem can be caused by several actions of a user. When the door is left ajar motor functions at the end of tether and this regime causes overheating. The second reason of air-compressor failure is Superfrost regime being activated for a long time (3 days or more). Replacement of this element demands transferring a refrigerator to a service center.

  1.      electronics failure;

The problem is quite numerous in modern models. Failure can be caused by moisture ingress to the back panel of a fridge. In this case repair is expensive.

When the damage appeared only professional repair is recommended. Fridge repair  Service guarantees high level of technical support. Only qualified specialists work in the company. They will identify the problem accurately and solve it quickly. When it is possible repair is provided at home. If necessary the refrigerator is transferred to the service center.

After the repair all the operation rules must be still followed and the equipment will function appropriately.  

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