Oven is one of the most important kitchen appliances therefore choosing this equipment is extremely important task. Several criteria should be taken into account

Electric or gas

Recently gas ovens were popular but now electric models are in great demand because they have more functions. At the same time wiring can be of low power and electric oven installing will be impossible. Gas models are more economical. This criterion is important for some users.

Characteristics of electric ovens

Electric ovens can be static or multifunctional. Static ones are equipped by two hobs, low and upper. Grill is usually among the functions of such models. Multifunctional ovens have more useful ‘skills’. Functioning of this equipment is based on convection principle – even heating distribution therefore temperature in different positions of oven is equal. Multifunctional ovens have such regimes: defrosting, steaming, pizza cooking and others. 

Characteristic of gas ovens

Most modern gas oven models are equipped by two hobs: upper and lower. Grill can be regarded as an additional function. Main disadvantage of this oven type is danger of explosion therefore their popularity decreases.

Design is also an important criterion choosing oven for your kitchen. The equipment must fit the furniture and other appliances. Modern market proposes variety of models of different design.

When the choice is made and you bought the best equipment operation rules must be strictly followed. Oven repair in Staten island should be provided by qualified specialists if necessary.


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